Workplace Solutions
  • Recruitment, Hiring & On-boarding Ingenuity specializes in advising you on the most appropriate hiring and interview strategies, from avoiding improper interview questions to ensuring candidate’s privacy. In addition, we help craft legally effective offer and acceptance letters, prepare appropriate disclosure documents and aid in ensuring all proper reference and background checks are complete.
  • Contracts & Negotiations Ingenuity can assist you in determining what type of employment agreement is most appropriate for your all levels of employees in your workplace. We have expertise in drafting executive and management level employment agreements and providing strategic advice on the enforceability of restrictive covenants and other post-employment obligations.
  • Termination We can advise you on appropriate notice periods and other statutory requirements applicable to any termination circumstance, including those arising from an M & A – type transaction. Our team has expertise in the due diligence review of employment-related issues and advising on the most appropriate course of action whether in a sale or purchase of a business. In addition, our lawyers advise in the negotiation of fair and proper settlements. For those situations where termination-related disputes do not settle, we have extensive experience in wrongful dismissal litigation.
  • Human Rights / Diversity Training Our team can work with you or your human resources team on the accommodation process and help to manage human-rights related employee absenteeism. We conduct workplace investigations, workplace audits and sensitivity training for managers and staff - helping you cultivate a company that’s culturally competent.
  • Social Media in the Workplace / Privacy The use of social media in the workplace is exploding, both as a business tool and as a diversion. At Ingenuity, our team can prepare corporate privacy policies and compliance manuals, and delivering related training to your team. In addition, we can advise on how to deal with social media disputes and help determine appropriate crisis management strategies that best suit your business needs.

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