Since 2010, our firm has approached the most complex, challenging legal matters with the logic and agility that we’re known for, always protecting your goals and anticipating your business’ needs. For decades, our lawyers have advised entrepreneurs, medium-sized businesses and multinational corporations, supporting our clients’ needs with the sophistication and expertise of a large firm at a significantly lower cost.

We offer a broad range of legal advice and support in the areas of:

  • Corporate / M & A
  • Commercial
  • Financing / PE / VC
  • Renewable / Carbon Markets
  • Technology
  • Securities
  • Energy / Mining
  • Workplace Solutions

Decades of experience in Toronto’s corporate law space have taught us that there is no substitute for legal solutions that add significant value to your business or enterprise.


Our clients have high expectations, and so do we. At Ingenuity, rising to the occasion is what we do best; meeting the most complex legal and business challenges with agile, creative and reliable strategies crafted through years of experience. We value our clients, their time and their needs, earning us a strong reputation as a leading boutique business law firm. From young startups to major private and public corporations, our clients know to always expect the same level of uncompromising commitment to excellence from our firm.

At Ingenuity, we make your business our business. See for yourself what we bring to the table; you’ll be glad you did.


We approach every legal business matter with the sophistication of a large, international firm, tempered by the agility and financial sensitivity of a small firm. Our team of energetic, experienced lawyers works collaboratively with you to provide legal solutions that are clever, original and inventive.

From fledgling start-ups to seasoned businesses, our experience is as diverse as your unique business needs. That’s why we take a customized approach to every business issue presented to us.

Our objectives are to deliver:

  • a flexible, cash-flow-conscious approach to the retainer process
  • efficient, creative, client-focused advice
  • proactive, business-oriented strategies
  • personalized transaction execution
  • an open and friendly environment
  • direct access to the team members responsible for your file